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Help a teen suffering from substance abuse and isolation by donating toward a life-altering wilderness trip this summer!

Summer is here, and with it, our students at Teen and Family Services (TAFS) are presented with many challenges. Recently published research indicates that the current social isolation created by COVID-19 is spelling disaster on the mental health of our local teens. n May 2020, a survey by the Harris Poll revealed 7 in 10 teens reported experiencing struggles with mental health. The study, which polled over 1,500 diverse youth ages 13-19 nationwide, explored the role of resilience in mental health along with gathering youth perspectives on the state of mental health issues in their community and the nation. The survey was conducted online from May 4 to May 14, 2020.

55% of teens surveyed said they had experienced anxiety, 45% excessive stress, and 43% depression.  61% of teens said that the COVID-19 pandemic had increased their feelings of loneliness.

TAFS annual trip to the beautiful mountains in Colorado is where our students camp, hike, and white water raft for a week. Remaining sober when new to recovery is difficult during the summer. The amount of free time, combined with the months of being quarantined with family members, can make it very difficult to stay on the road to recovery.  For the past nineteen years, TAFS has provided an opportunity for teens to find fellowship with their peers in this natural environment.  Doing so this year seems more important than ever.

The experience gives them a real shot toward recovery, as they make new friends let their phone batteries die and focus on their spiritual growth.

Last summer, TAFS sent 20 teens on the trip, many from low-income areas such as Sunnyside, Kashmere Gardens, and South Park. TAFS is committed to providing the same recovery experience to all our students no matter what zip code they live in!

Please help if you can with a donation toward recovery in nature for our adolescents.

Give today.

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