Austin Garland

Recovery Coach


Austin is a Recovery Coach for Teen and Family Services and is also an individual in long term recovery. Austin’s personal recovery started at TAFS when he was 17 years old. Austin got sober in Austin, Texas in September of 2016 and began working with people and families who struggle with substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders at the beginning of this year. Austin has worked with adolescents in residential treatment, and was given the opportunity to help other teens who had been in the same position he was as an adolescent at TAFS. Austin learned so much in his time at TAFS as an adolescent, and today is using his experience to help educate adolescents and their families. Austin is currently finishing his degree in Houston, and stresses how important education is to those around him.

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Teen and Family Services is a community of families growing and healing from the effects of teen substance use and other high-risk behaviors.