Thomas Dickerson, LCDC

Staff Counselor


Thomas B. Dickerson is an LCDC and a person who has life experiences as it pertains to active addiction and long-term recovery. Thomas has worked for over twenty years on the front line of the HIV/AIDS epidemic where he was a Risk Reduction Specialist and supervised a team of Outreach Workers. That being said, Thomas has a high regard for human life and the quality of life of the clients that he serves. Thomas is now focusing on working with adolescents and their families. Thomas has worked for the past two years in the Criminal Justice System working in the Therapeutic Community (TC) of Jester Unit 1 and Garza West Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Thomas has children of his own and over the years has gained personal insight into the struggles of present-day youth. Thomas believes that the children are our future and what better way to make that a reality then being employed by the super dedicated organization known as Teen and Family Services.        

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Teen and Family Services is a community of families growing and healing from the effects of teen substance use and other high-risk behaviors.